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Recycling Bags for Garden Waste, Newspapers, Old Plastic, Cardboard and Glass LBK Packaging first started supplying Kerbside Recycling bags approximately 8 years ago specifically aimed at Local Authorities / councils for the collection of newsprint and garden waste. Many of the original bags are still in use today having been filled, emptied and returned to the householder time and time again.

Stock Recycling Bags:Recycling Bag by the kerbside

120 Litre - Recycling Bags | Garden waste Sack – 45 x 45 x 60cm – Green

90 Litre - Used for Garden waste, Plastic, Cardboard and Glass – 45 x 45 x 45cm – White or Green

40 Litre - Newspaper, Plastic, Cardboard – 28 x 33 x 45cm – White

Our Recycling bags and Garden sacks, produced from heavy duty woven polypropylene are still used for the collection of newsprint, garden waste but in addition are also used for the collection of cans, plastic bottles and glass. We can make the Recycling bags to customer specification, This includes the addition of a full flap closure, coloured fabrics to differentiate between a number of recyclable items or weighted bags to prevent them being blown away.

Our extensive range of other industrial and retail products also consists of FIBCs or Bulk Bags, Paper Sacks, Polythene Sacks, Bags and Film, Cardboard Boxes and Cartons all available from stock or to exact customer specification.Recycling Bags

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